WELCOME! Metal 4 Myton is a battle of the bands that is taking place both at The Phoenix in Coventry City Centre, and here online. Live performances will be taking place on April the 7th and 14th, and we will capture votes for the bands here. On the 5th of May The Phoenix will again be the host of a final gig, starring the top 3 bands. (You must be atleast 18 years old to attend the gigs - if you look under 25 you may be asked for proof of age)

The tunes!

Use the MP3 player below to listen to a collection of some of the best metal bands in Coventry.

Be sure to listen to all of the bands in order to make sure you give the best decision you can.

Effigy Of Sorrow - Ruthless Majesty

Exile City - No Mans Land

From Embers Rise - Catch - Release

Kill Progression - B.W.Y.B

Skies Of Deceit - Ruins

The Enthused - A Thousand Days

Hurt Season - Strive To Find

The Guttercats - Old, Gettin' Older

Gehtika - Prevail

Eight Great Fears - Porno Queen

Your vote!

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